Recycling Art.

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  • Art of Wasted Glass, Plastic, Sand and Paper
    Uweledi Art

  • Uweledi Art with Pristine on Sustainable Ecosystem.

Introduction to Recycled Art

Recycled art is – creating artwork by reusing discarded materials that would otherwise become waste.


The environmental benefits of recycled art are many but key is reducing waste and resource consumption.

Background of Uweledi Art Team

The story behind our team is the pain we have seen in the environment conservation and as artist we realize the environment issues such as: Climate change, Loss of biodiversity, Air pollution, Ocean Health and Water pollution. Our team background involves the pain and cries of the Degradation towards the Global World.
We discovering the solution on the conservation of our Environment in the 6Rs Reuse, Repurposing, Refurbishing, Restoration, Reutilzing and Recycling. Our team togetherness we managed to fund ourselves toward collecting waste materials such as; Plastic bottles, Papers, Glasses, Sand for the Purpose and reusing them into art. We have plastic Art, Sand Art (Uteo), Paper Art, Paintings and Pencil Drawing targeting in Educating the Universe on Sustainable Environmental Care.

Uweledi Art Team

has promoted creativity, resourcefulness, and sustainability Art- work using waste materials. It is through Art work where artist meet and give resolutions towards Environmental matters
Uweledi Art is a member of Pristine Sustainable Ecosystems. We show how waste plastic materials, paper, electronic waste, metals, textiles, sand and glass can be reused to contribute to restoration of a polluted environment

Unique Value Proposition

Our Art is unique because it involves the 6R: Recycled Art, Refurbishing Art, Reuse Art, Repurposing Art, Reutilizing Art and Restoration Art to inspire approaches for sound environment stewardship globally.