The Organisation

Pristine Sustainable Ecosystems is a partnership – based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), registered in Kenya and inclusive of international partners and members. We are at the frontline of promoting reversal of degradation of all types of ecosystems that support life on Earth.

Our partners and members include community-based organizations, individual climate change and pollution experts, international environmental policy and political thought–leaders, corporates and lead scientists. We strive to promote climate resilience for quality life, based on nature-positive sustainable production and consumption practices.

Our Vision

People and Nature in harmony perpetually in healthy ecosystems.

Our Mission

To nurture the most effective partnerships and to apply integrated systems approach in preventing and managing climate change, air pollution and biodiversity loss in order to simultaneously improve livelihoods, human health and life on earth as the foundations for sustainable development in Africa.

Who We Are

Pristine Sustainable Ecosystems (PRISE) is an inclusion-driven partnership based NGO registered in Kenya. We focus on tackling climate change through projects that promote adaptation to reduce vulnerability and enhance resilience to climate change impacts; especially among rural communities and informal urban settlement. Nature-based solutions is our tagline.

We simplify high-level policy decisions and complex scientific results to application level by communities, industry and entrepreneurs.

We leverage on the broad range of expertise of our professional and technical networks across the globe.

Our goal is to promote sound care of the environment and ecological systems for the wellbeing of people and the planet. We strive to reach the underserved and the inaccessible populations who are otherwise locked out of knowledge on environmental policies, regulations and opportunities that can transform and safeguard their lives and livelihoods.

For over three decades, leaders of this organization have contributed to national, continental and global environment research and development, influencing national and continental policies in Africa and beyond.

How We Work

The driving principles of our work include; partnership, co-creation, beneficiary-driven action, efficient and effective service delivery, transparency, accountability and sustainability.

Anchored on partnerships, we partner for action with communities and organisations in rural and urban areas.  For example: which was established over 14 years ago benefited from voluntary mentorship by the chairperson and continues to receive support for growth.   Global partnerships have been nurtured with organizations with similar passion, in linking capacity development to actions that promote environment sustainability, improved human wellbeing and regenerative ecosystems. For example  in Sweden.